Spring Break 2010 What What?!

Alright. So. It seems I have taken a short absence from the blogging, but I'm back. This update is kind of a big mixed up summary of my life from the night before I left to break until now. I currently have about 3ish days left at my humble abode in the RVT and am making the most of it. Although Gerardo and I have declared today a "Study Day," I figured taking a break for this was pretty legit. So here goes nothing.

Thursday night - exactly one week ago. We (myself and Nicholas) decide that playing Monopoly is a grand idea. We recruit some other members from the floor, which throughout the night included Ellen, Enoch, Sarko, and Gigi, and played roughly from 12 am until 4 am.

As we see it now, this was the beginning of the end for me. Staying up until 4 am seemed like a great idea until I remembered that I had to wake up at 8 am for class the next day. So there I am, running on only 4 hours of sleep and some standard Warren food, and we depart from South Station to New York. We had a double decker bus. Awesome, right? Nope. Seems that the top level of these buses shakes a bit more than normal and Nicholas and I got quite a bit carsick. As far as I know, his sickness ended when the bus ride did. For me, the sickness lasted through the next train ride and all the way until 5 am the next day. Gross, I know. Sorry. I actually had some pictures from the trip, but I deleted them all because of the bad memories. All that remains is this picture of Gerardo eating a Clif Bar that looks rather disgusting:

So this week has been devoted to my recovery, and now Gerardo's recovery from a sore throat as well. Hey, at least that's all we have to worry about this week. No tests, no whatever. Awesome.
Then yesterday, we went to South Street in Philly with my dad. It was fabulous, as usual, except for the slightly depressing surprise of a couple of my favorite stores being permanently closed down.
One of my favorite places on South Street has always been the Eyes Gallery, so I got a couple pictures of that to share:

And here's just a couple more from other places on South Street:

For Usman, because these reminded us of Sack Boy from Little Big Planet:

Jon's Bar & Grill - "The Birthplace of Larry Fine":

A couple from where we had lunch, the South Street Diner:

I'll keep updating as things go on and the week moves forward, but for now...adios.

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