Berryline Spontaneity

Sometimes we just stay on campus, in our own little bubble and we get so lost in our routines of classes, FitRec, work, etc. It leaves very little time for spontaneous outings and fun. So last night, after Ellen and I had a fairwell dinner with Tiego, Chand, J. Beavs Beavis, Natalie, and 5 letter name Ethan, a couple of us decided to put off the books for a little while and head on over to the Fenway area for a little Berryline goodness. All I can say is that is was DEFINITELY worth it...even though my fingers were half frozen off in the process!

Ellen is happy when she goes to Berryline Clearly, so is Tiegan

Reese's, Strawberries, and Fruit Pebbles. Yum! ...And this is it after I've gone and mixed it up


  1. i still haven't gone to freakin berryline
    wtf guys


  2. hahah sorry jess! it was just our spontaneity...

  3. but i'll definitely go with you ASAP. loved it.