"What? Harry? Harry who?" "Harry Potter of course!"

This exhibit was so amazingly fun and a must for Harry Potter fanatics. Not only did it contain such memorable items as Ron's Howler from Mrs. Weasley, The Maurader's Map, and The Triwizard cup, but there was also almost every notorious item you could imagine from the films. Some things that we saw but I sadly could not sneak pictures of included, but were not limited to: The locomotive of the Hogwarts Express (full with fog effects!), the robes of almost all the main characters (Ron, Hermoine, Ginny, Neville, Draco, Harry, Ron, Snape, etc.), the vial of Liquid Luck from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry's acceptance letter to Hogwarts, the paper with Harry's punishment from Umbridge ("I will not tell lies"), Death Eater costumes, a couple life-sized chess pieces, the Angel of Death statue from the graveyard in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, everyone's wands (from Ron's broken wand to Dumbledore's!), Fawkes, all the wizard candy you can imagine, the Bloody Baron's costume, Bellatrix's jail uniform, the head of the Hungarian Horntail, and more!
Even better was that some parts of the exhibit were interactive! If you wanted to (and of course, I did), you could sit in Hagrid's huge chair in his hut, throw a Quaffle through the Quidditch hoops, and even pull a Mandrake from it's roots (something i wouldn't recommend, very loud. haha). Sadly now, the exhibit has moved from Boston to Canada. Hopefully it will hit the Philly area soon though so my Potter-obsessed friends can have a go at this fun exhibit. Enjoy the pictures!

Entrance To The Exhibit Ron's Howler From Mrs. Weasley
Harry Potter's Robes The Golden Egg from The Goblet of Fire
The Marauder's Map Horace Slughorn's Robes
Dolores Umbridge's Office and Outfit A Mandrake
Aragog In The Forbidden Forest Buckbeak the Hippogriff with Harry, Ron, Hermione, & Executioner
The Daily Prophet The Triwizard Cup


Rainy Days

So I suppose this is what we get for living in a huge building that was built in the 1960s and hasn't seemed to have been renovated much since. Apparently on the mid-east coast (NJ, NY, etc.), snow is the fad. As for here in Boston, though, it's just been rain, rain, rain since yesterday morning. It's supposed to rain here all weekend. Currently this ridiculousness has found it's way all over the carpets and school books of all of the boys who live on my floor, as well as the ceilings of the main floor. So far I've counted 3 places where ceiling tiles have given out to the leaks. Hopefully we don't have to deal with this during the entire downpour...but this is Warren Towers, so chances are...we will.


Disney On Ice

Alright, I know, I know. I'm nearly 20 years old and a went to see Disney on Ice - the "Let's Celebrate!" one...with my roommate.....and no
children. And you know what? It was awesome. It's with things like this how this company always amazes me. Even in some random arena
in Boston, totally disconnected from their film studios and theme parks, Disney still finds a way to create their magic. Both the skaters
enthusiasm and skills were brilliant. They used all the classic characters: Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc. - all the way up to characters as recent
as Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen from the 2009 movie The Princess & The Frog. In short, I recommend it for a good time. Here's some
videos for your enjoyment!

Fantasia Brooms: What's This?:
This Is Halloween/Villains: So This Is Love:
That's How You Know: He Mele No Lilo:
The Toys Are Back In Town:


Jessica's Movie

A couple days ago, my friend Jessica enlisted both my roommate Ellen and floormate Ryan to be in a short film for one of her classes. I tagged along to watch the movie-making and I must say, I enjoyed it thoroughly. The main premise of the plot is that Ryan and Ellen have been dating for 2 years, and Ellen just found out that Ryan has been cheating. It was so cool to see it all put together and to see my friends getting a small shot in the acting world haha. I'm sure it'll be awesome once Jess is done editing it. Hopefully we get some home movie copies! Here's a couple stills I stole while the leads weren't looking:


The Basics

So I'm Nora. If you're reading this, chances are you know that. I've created this blog to document the rest of college/whatever travels I may experience in the next few years. I'll have mostly pictures on here, with a few words sprinkled in occasionally. I figured I'd start this blog with the basics: things that make me happy in every day life. At the time, that's basically anything in my dorm room, my friends here, my silly roommate Ellen (who I'm sure I'll end up writing more about), etc. So here's to a new beginning....happy sailing!